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The inheritors of lion dance culture

                                                                                          Author: Lai Songxiang


"Lion dance" is one of the characteristics of traditional Chinese art. With the rhythm of drums, drums, cymbals, etc., it creates a noisy and festive atmosphere. It is also the folk that can bring joy to people at festivals. custom. It is said to have originated in the Three Kingdoms period and became popular during the Northern and Southern Dynasties. It was the most popular in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties. In some martial arts halls in Guangdong, all the martial arts are arrogant, and the lion dances are very demanding. The bridge steps are like Siping, Meridian, Qilin, Tiema, and Hanging Horses. There are certain specifications. Interpretation of the "lion" out of the hole, shopping on the street, going upstairs, jumping plum piles, picking green and other processes, through various dynamic postures to express the feelings of panic, sadness, anger, stillness, joy, hesitation and other moods.

Mr. Alan Song Guoqiang immigrated from Hong Kong to Guam in 1977, and initially worked with the big brother of the Li family to wholesale food. After that, he and Li Jia’s only daughter, Stella Li Xiaoling, became the only ones. The family’s emotional harmony and cooperation made the Gushan restaurant’s legendary “Shirley's Coffee Shop” distributed in the northern, central and southern branches of the island. After busy work, he Always concerned about the dynamics of the overseas Chinese community. At that time, many of the children of Chinese nationals were of similar age. At the time of their youth, such as Chen Zuyi brothers, Wu Hongsheng brothers, and Li Jinghui brothers, there were many people who felt that overseas Chinese lived overseas. They still need to retain the long history and traditional culture of the Chinese nation and share their interests with each other. The Guam China Alumni Association supports each other by promoting solidarity and friendship. Mr. Song Guoqiang (respected as a strong brother) The grandfather in his hometown owns a martial arts hall. He is proficient in all kinds of bruises and sorrows. In addition to treating various kinds of injuries, the "lion dance" performance is also one of them. Uncles have studied art for many years and have profoundly learned the secrets of the shackles. The "Lion Lion" training has aroused an infinite joy and hope for this group of enthusiastic and lively teenagers. Although they have many difficult moves, they have worked very hard and hard to learn. All the students were rarely absent from school, and his modest manners made him extremely moved. After a long and diligent and intensive practice, in the opening of the New Year's lively, the screaming of the sky, the beautiful and colorful lion dance, not only attracts the curiosity of many ethnic groups, but also witnesses the rich and rich traditional art of our country. Seeing their first debut, it was such a hard work, as a teacher, he was moved by tears. On the one hand, I am grateful to the successors and others, and on the other hand, they have worked tirelessly and finally have a rich and fruitful result.


For more than 30 years, he has been tireless in his enthusiasm. Mr. Song Guoqiang has received high praise and praise from the overseas Chinese community. He has always worked hard and quietly. No matter how the years change, the trainees change frequently, and they have just completed a strong team. After the summer vacation, with the upsurge of studying abroad, it is the loss of a large number of students. The new semester begins to retrain and integrate. So repeated, despite all the facts, Song’s heartfelt and sincere heart has never retreated as ever. Just as he feels a steady confession: "Recalling the day of laughter and anger, when you are teaching the whip, it is really fun! The teaching of the lion dance skill must be the commitment of the self-confidence, but the arduous burden and the feeling of being alone. However, it is not the ordinary outsiders who can understand and understand! In any case, the enthusiasm of this voluntary work is just as strong as the mentality of the care of the overseas Chinese!" He is calm and persistent, and he is convinced that there are no shortage of people.


The strong brother is full of love, and the happy family brings him unlimited warmth. His son Gary Sung is also married and has children. A pair of grandchildren are happy and happy. In addition, Gary is young and has a specialization. The establishment of Ideal Advertising Design Company has outstanding performance in the media field. The business has expanded with the US federal government contract, promoting publicity and promoting positive social life information, and has been recognized by all walks of life. As the director of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, he is responsible for seriousness and is the third generation of elites of Chinese businessmen. In 2008, Mr. Alfred Lam, the president of the year, nominated for the USSBA SME campaign, and won the ninth region (including California, Arizona, Guam, Hawaii, Nevada) and Guam. 2008 Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards. The latter is the first time that the Chinese representative has won the award in the 18 years since Guam. Gary also brings a very valuable glory and community status to the Chinese Chamber of Commerce.




Postscript: "The lion dance" is always an indispensable climax program during the festive season, but the average person does not know much about the artistic conception of the singer, especially the strong brother to make a more delicate interpretation, so that readers can watch the "lion dance" More soluble in it!


The lion dance's interpretation essence depends on the three elements of "sleeping lion", "lion lion (lion) out of the hole" and "picking green". The drummers and lion dancers must be integrated into each other, and their rhythm control and smart horse steps. With the hands and the play to the fullest, the lion's morphological form can be vividly revealed! The "sleeping lion" who woke up in the cave was watching the outside world with a hesitant attitude after the washing ceremony. However, he was eager to retreat and want to retreat. Only by careful observation, the danger is no longer, so Let go of the panic and triumphantly jump out of the cave to wander. However, after physical strength, there is often fatigue and hunger, and "green" is full of energy to lock in the target...

"The eye of the eye", also known as "opening the light", is an indispensable solemn ceremony for the new lion's head. The sentence and the order of the sentence are different because of the different sources of the factions. However, the true meaning of the point is the same as the source of the source, and it is a symbol of good fortune and evil. The new lion's head is decorated with two brightly colored scented flowers and a hydrangea saffron in the crisp and loud drumming sound. This is the 簪 挂 挂 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , The guest of the eye will be determined to finish the pen. The guest of the eye is usually an important person who is a socially savvy, highly respected or a great contributor to society. At the same time as the pen is dropped, the main ceremonial instrument reads the sentence and swears the sentence to prove the "Lion". After finishing the finishing touch, it will encourage the lion and promote the auspicious atmosphere. The process is short but extraordinary!



Note: The reference to the statement is as follows:
A little aura, ordered by heaven.
The Qinglong White Tiger is full of magical powers.
Listen to all directions, track thousands of miles.
The mouth is smashing, and the devil is demon.
The nose distinguishes between right and wrong, regardless of staying up late.
Thunder and lightning, energy is endless.
Seven feet on the foot, the world is too peaceful.
Warmth in the world, everything thrives.
Happiness is healthy, rich and auspicious.
Fukuzawa is full of joy and joy. --Starting the drums --

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