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Established in January 1978, Guam China School is a non-profit academic institution that aims to promote the Chinese education of the people of Guam by promoting the Chinese culture of Guam. The Chinese children will learn Chinese language conversations and study Chinese characters, and then guide students to understand Chinese history, cultural relics, customs, etiquette, ethics and morality, in order to cultivate children's balanced development in moral, intellectual, physical and social aspects.


The school's school construction process dates back to July 1977, when the president of the Guam China General Association Li Xuecheng opened a summer Chinese class with 12 students, which is the prototype of the school. On November 16th of the same year, the enthusiasm of the overseas Chinese Be the first to launch a school, set up a school and a school board, draw up the school's purpose and the school's goals; Dr. Chen Laimeng is the chairman and Mr. Wu Jiaqi is the principal. At the same time, the Guam Government of China was officially registered with the Guam Government and officially taught on the second floor of Buildings A, B and C in January 1978. (One classroom is provided free of charge by President Wu.) To 1988 Since the official opening of the new site on June 1st, the building of the blue top, white wall and red pillar has not only benefited countless Chinese children, but also brought a harmonious and harmonious atmosphere to the overseas Chinese of Guam.


In addition to the Chinese class, this school will increase the Mandarin pronunciation class, the Chinese conversation class, the children's math class, the children's computer class, the adult computer class, and the practical English basic conversation class for serving the diaspora... and so on. I hope to use the school as a medium forever and ever to be a descendant of Chinese culture.

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