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SAT II Chinese Test Description

The SAT II Subject Test is a national college standard test conducted by the College Board for high school students in the United States. The results of the exams represent the students' learning outcomes and are an important basis for admission to freshmen in US universities. The University Council has included Chinese in the SAT II Subject Test since 1994. This is undoubtedly an opportunity to score a score for students who are learning Chinese.

 Chinese language courses for 3 to 4 years in secondary/high school (starting at zero)
 • Chinese course: 4-5 hours per week.
 • Novice to medium to high
Any student can apply for it, without age or number of restrictions.
The test content is suitable for middle school students who start from 0 degrees and study Chinese for 3 to 4 years.
The SAT Chinese test is one hour. (Hearing: 20 minutes, grammar + reading: 40 minutes).
Total score: 200 - 800.

First, the test time
SAT II Chinese is only tested once a year, usually on weekends in early November. Candidates can request an entry form from the high school they are attending in September. For related information, please visit

Second, the scope of the exam
The purpose of the SATII Chinese Test is to measure your knowledge of Chinese and your ability to communicate in your daily life. Because foreign language teaching in the United States places great emphasis on students' practical application of life language. Therefore, the content of the SAT II Chinese test is no exception, and it is related to the daily life of food and clothing.

Third, the test method
The SATII Chinese Test has a total of 85 multiple-choice questions. The time is one hour. Three of them: Listening (30 questions) for 20 minutes, grammar (25 questions) and reading (30 questions) for 40 minutes. The questions in the listening section are broadcast on tape, and there is no text on the test paper. The topic of this part is to test your ability to listen to Chinese in a short conversation or to describe one thing in your daily life. Say only once in each question in the tape. So you have to concentrate on listening. Then choose the correct answer on the exam paper. The grammar part is to test whether you can use Chinese characters and grammar correctly by using the sentences used in normal life. Each question is listed in four types: regular characters, simplified words, Chinese pinyin and phonetic symbols. Candidates only need to answer with one of the best ones you are familiar with.

The reading section is based on the real situation you may encounter in your usual life. These include notes, letters, timetables, diaries, news reports, signboards, menus, weather forecasts, etc. These questions are printed in either Chinese or simplified form. Candidates only need to understand one of them. All questions are asked in English, all of which are multiple choice questions.

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